Private Investigator Logan Clarke Finds Kidnapped Child


BY Saleem Rana

International Private Investigator, Logan Clarke, was assigned a mission to find and bring home a three-year-old girl kidnapped by her mother from Washington almost 9 months ago. West Shield Investigations, a Los Angeles area based Detective agency run by Allen Cardoza, assigned the case.

Finally, the detective and his team found the mother and child in Los Angeles, California. Clarke, who put three surveillance teams together, followed the mother while she and her daughter were shopping throughout Los Angeles.

It took 7 hours before the team took the little girl into safe custody close to a shopping center.
The girl was reunited with her father and her grandfather. They returned home to Washington as a family to celebrate the Christmas season together.

Detectives Cardoza and Clarke have worked together many times over the past 30 years. They have retrieved, recovered, and rescued runaway or kidnapped children around the world, including America.

What’s more, the two detectives have worked jointly to fight against human trafficking in America. This crime involves drug traffickers and other criminal syndications kidnapping runaways and immigrants and forcing them to slave in the sex trade.
The host of the show “Trafficked,” former Los Angeles prosecutor, Robin Sax, together with Cardoza and Clarke have founded the International Human Trafficking Task Force.

“Retrieving children, ” said Clarke, “is all in a day’s work.” Both Clarke and Cardoza have worked with their teams in the Middle East and Korea rescuing children who had been abducted.

Clarke works on a wide range of investigations around the planet. Besides working on kidnapping cases, he has also worked on unsolved homicides and in undercover operations. Keith Scheffarius and Logan Clarke published a new book this year. “Retriever,” covers the exploits of these two detectives and their teams revovering children around the world. Clarke has two other books: “Just Passing Through” and “Last Night an Angel Stopped By.”

Sony Television, according to The Hollywood reporter, is making a TV series based on Clarke’s life. Production. Starting in 2012, Pierre Morel (Taken) will be directing the pilot while Pierce Brosnan, and Shawn Ryan (The Unit, The Shield) will be the Executive Producers. Since the 1980s, Clarke’s company, Hollywood Caper Films, has been providing Technical Advisor services for movies and television scripts through his company. They enjoyed their first big success with the hit television series “Simon and Simon” way back in the 1980′s.

Looking to find out more about Logan Clarke, then visit his website to find out all about world-renowned detectives experienced in U.S. and international investigations.

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