US pilot Jerry Krause’s family told he is alive in email | Daily Mail Online

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Boys found in Arkansas

The sight and sounds of Colton and Gavin Hohenberger playing at home are worth the $50,000 and the top secret surveillance operation it cost their dad,  Bret, to get them back. “You cannot [...]

Oregon School Shooting Celebs Demand Training for Kids

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The Lost Girls – Thanks to the tireless efforts of anti-trafficking expert Dottie Laster

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“17 And Out Of Control” – West Shield Comes To The Rescue Backstage At The Dr. Phil Show

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The World Famous Spy is Becoming an International P.I. – Based on the Life of Logan Clarke

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I went to Texas with the national TV show,’CRIME WATCH DAILY’, to do a story on the kidnapping and rescue of the Hohenberger and James boys…. Its nice to ‘savor the moment’ as I tell my Team… and take a little pride in what we do. We receive Christmas cards from children and adults around the world who were kidnapped and Global Pursuit Investigations, have re-patriated with their families. I don’t think there is a greater feeling of accomplishment and pure joy, than solving these cases. I think i’ll have a glass of Pinot Grigio…or two…or maybe three…

If District Attorneys would just listen to our expertise in these crimes….. (regardless of what the DA says, they ARE criminal acts)…they could return thousands of children who are presently at large, being hidden from their families and suffering day in and day out. They REFUSE to listen.. instead choosing SELECTIVE PROSECUTION, if the do anything at all. Usually forcing parents to do everything in a civil case, hiring attorneys and private detectives… Spending thousands and thousands of dollars to find and return their kids on their own….many times destroying financial security and family units they once had. One DA told CWD ‘we agonize over these cases’….a line of BS a mile long !! I have dealt with hundreds of DA’s around the country and I can count on one hand, the number of them that even care enough to act and use the power they have and follow the law that is already written Federally and in almost every single state in the US ! IF you agonize Mr. DA…pick up the damn telephone and tell the police department in your town to put a report on your desk immediately and get OFF your ‘politician asses’ and do something !!

I promise you…there is a parental abduction in YOUR TOWN MR. DA… I challenge you to return one tenth of the number of children we have located and returned !

Logan Clarke – May 2016

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