Boys found in Arkansas

The sight and sounds of Colton and Gavin Hohenberger playing at home are worth the $50,000 and the top secret surveillance operation it cost their dad,  Bret, to get them back. “You cannot [...]

Casey Kasem to Be Buried in Norway – Logan Clarke Interview

Hollywood Reporter Article by Tim Appelo The body of DJ Casey Kasem, who died June 15 in Gig Harbor, Washington, is headed to Oslo, Norway, according to a report in the Norwegian newspaper VG, [...]

Kidnapping & Connections: An Interview With Investigator Logan Clarke

Logan Clarke is an accomplished, international private investigator with clout. Clarke and his firm, Clarke International Investigations, have an impressive history of helping rescue [...]

Private Investigator Logan Clarke Finds Kidnapped Child

UBER ARTICLES BY Saleem Rana International Private Investigator, Logan Clarke, was assigned a mission to find and bring home a three-year-old girl kidnapped by her mother from Washington almost 9 [...]