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Global Pursuit Investigations specializes in the recovery of missing persons and children internationally. Our agents have operated in the most dangerous and remote areas of the world and our expert Task Force is comprised of some of the world’s finest forensic engineers, pathologists, lawyers, medical advisers, former military special forces, government agents, and highly placed individuals in international corporations.

World-Renowned Detectives Experienced in International Investigations

Assets Location

Global Pursuit / Clarke International has located millions of dollars in contested assets for clients, Including such difficult locations as Iran, the Philippines, the Cayman Islands and Belize.We undertake investigations which are useful in monetary disputes for attachment of property or realization of court degrees or even in business dealings/due-diligence cases. We assist our clients in obtaining the required details of salary and business income, credit card expenses, expenses on mobile usage, details of vehicles, etc. The report can be used as evidence to be produced at the time of legal proceedings.

Skip Tracing

Global Pursuit Investigations and before that Clarke International has located hundreds of people on every continent on the globe, including Antarctica. Our experienced staff of locators and process servers have a proven track record in difficult and long term Skip Tracing matters.

Missing or Abducted Children/Persons

Global Pursuit Investigations  has located and rescued more than 300 persons illegally detained or missing, including runaways in more than twenty countries, the most recent being two children held against their will by their father in South Korea.

Background Checks

Global Pursuit Investigations conducts comprehensive overseas authentication of personal and business credentials. Our affiliated investigators are on the ground worldwide.

All search results are compiled in a neat and easy to read report with an executive summary of our conclusions and comments.


Global Pursuit Investigations has agents and an extensive network of trusted associates around the world. We monitor the behavior without the target being made aware that they are being monitored, and tailing is a specific method of following an individual to gather information about their activities.

Our agency’s wide range of operatives, including many with military and national-security backgrounds. Our team of professional performs their job with absolute professionalism and care so that the person shadowing would at no stage come to know that he is under surveillance.

Hostage Negotiations

Global Pursuit Investigations l  has experienced teams of hostage negotiators around the globe. If a family member or employee, is seized in a foreign country, or for some in their country of origin, the onus often falls on the family to negotiate, and raise funds.

The negotiations can also be hindered by government policy with regards paying ransom demands.  Behind the scenes support may be the best you are able to achieve from diplomatic staff.

Our agency also works with  government agencies that may be able to provide assistance, in a discreet manner, with contacts and advice.

Personal Protection Services

Be it a public figure, entertainer, corporate executive, or private individual in need of protection, Global Pursuit can supply highly skilled personnel in the realm of personal protection, both domestically and internationally. We can also provide you, your executives or key clients with a well-planned bodyguard protection scheme for execution during your local or international travel.

Human Trafficking

27 million people are enslaved in the world today- this is more than when slavery was legal. Our Task Force combats human trafficking and supports existing government efforts across global jurisdictions to successfully rescue victims and increase prosecutions of human traffickers. Our mission is to support victims and disrupt traffickers through coordinated efforts between the community and government organizations.

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