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C.I.T. Crisis Inervention Team - TaskForce

 1989, Clarke International Investigations (C.I.I)  formed a global “crisis intervention team” (C.I.T. Task Force), which is comprised of the owners and chief investigators of some of the most respected detective agencies around the world.They have worked together as a skilled Task Force for 25 years in some of the most remote and dangerous areas in the world, as well as undercover teams within some of the most high-powered businesses in the world.

Within G.P.I’s unique Task Force are some of the world’s finest forensic engineers, pathologists, lawyers, medical advisors, former military Special Forces, as well as government agents, not to mention several CEO’s of international corporations.

In corporate theft, C.I.T. agents solve the problem, work with the client on restructuring, and install an undercover back-up system that will recognize, alert and defuse any future crisis. Agents, both male and female, speak several languages and are experienced at everything from construction to computer hacking. When you hire Global Pursuit Investigations you have retained the resources of the best of the best throughout the world!

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