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Hello Logan,

It’s been a year this week since you made the biggest miracle of my life take place. We’re in Tennessee right now visiting my mother and as I write this letter I can hear my sons playing down the hall while my mom, wife, and niece are baking in the kitchen. Yes, I’m in tears. I can’t possibly write a letter that would say everything I want to say or put the emotion behind the words. You gave me hope while so many told me to give up.

Two years ago, my sons were kidnapped to Mexico and after local law enforcement refused to issue an Amber Alert or a missing persons report, out of chance I was given your phone number by a interested stranger. I was scared to call you. I couldn’t take another person telling me there was nothing that could be done. However, you not only took my case, but you immediately told me that you would get me sons back. After hitting so many walls with local, state, and federal law enforcement, with District Attorneys and judges, with state and federal politicians, … you made it happen. You kept your word and you brought my babies home.

Since my sons return, they have regained their mental and physical health, made many friends, and got straight A’s in school. I am so proud of them and they are everything to me. I don’t know how to tell you how much they mean to me but as a father yourself, I am sure you understand in absence of my words. I have come to know you as more than a client. I know you don’t do this for money or fame, but simply because you care and hope to effect change. Still, you need to know that you are family to us and the definition of a Hero. We love you Logan.

God Bless,
The James Family





Global Pursuit is respected the world over for private investigations including hidden assets location, fraud and embezzlement, wrongful death and homicide, suspicious death, the return of missing or abducted persons, (including parental kidnapping, stranger kidnapping and crisis intervention), elder abuse, stalking and harassment, matrimonial investigations, civil and criminal lawsuits, difficult locates, background investigations and in-depth background checks of prospective employees or business partners, as well as undercover stings and probes for internal theft and other investigative needs.

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