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In addition to our experience in the international arena, Global Pursuit Investigations offers expanded services inside the United States which include: expert crisis intervention; skip trace; locating missing persons and teen runaways.

We conduct comprehensive background checks and thorough investigations in asset location, internal fraud, embezzlement, wrongful death, human trafficking, lost children, forensics, surveillance, criminal and civil lawsuit defense.


World-Renowned Detectives Experienced in U.S.  and International Investigations

Crisis Intervention

“The morning we discovered our 16-year-old daughter missing was the worst day of our life….” wrote the girl’s parents to Logan Clarke in late 2010. “We notified local authorities and hired a detective in Dallas, where we live. Neither were helpful….We called a number given to us by the detective in Dallas….The voice on the other end of the phone immediately took command and set a meeting with Logan Clarke and his team. Twenty-four hours later we had our daughter back!”

Assets Location

Assets location

Just in the past two years, Global Pursuit / Clarke International has located millions of dollars in contested assets for clients. We undertake investigations which are useful in monetary disputes for attachment of property or realization of court degrees or even in business dealings/due-diligence cases. We assist our clients in obtaining the required details of salary and business income, credit card expenses, expenses on mobile usage, details of vehicles, etc. The report can be used as evidence to be produced at the time of legal proceedings.

Skip Tracing

Global Pursuit / Clarke International has located hundreds of people on every continent on the globe, including Antarctica. Our experienced staff of locators and process servers have a proven track record in difficult and long term Skip Tracing matters.

Missing Persons

If a person goes missing, he/she leaves behind a number of clues through which we can trace them. The chances of finding a missing person vary from case to case. After assessing all the relevant information, we will to inform you about the probability of success in your case. If your decision is to move forward, Global Pursuit will use it’s extensive network and experienced investigators, find the missing person.

Background Checks

Individual – Our Background Searches for an Individual will list any Occupancy History, Address History, specific court actions of Public Record Notices, Summonses, Judgments and Warning Flags, made over the past five years.  This search can also include Public Record Notices of U.S./Global Media Scans, Worldwide Searches of Databases, Politically Exposed Persons Lists, Anti Money Laundering Lists, Known Terrorist Lists, Disqualified Director Lists and Organized Crime Registries with a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of Global Search Engines, Country-Specific Search Engines, Internet Blogs as well as scans of alternate sites to verify accuracy.

Company – Our Background Checks for a Company will list any specific court actions of Public Record Notices, Disqualified Director Lists,Warning Flags, Summonses and Judgments made over the past five years.  The information contained within the court file is updated daily with data gathered from the County, State and Federal Courts.

All search results are compiled in a neat and easy to read report with an executive summary of our conclusions and comments.


Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior without the target being made aware that they are being monitored, and tailing is a specific method of following an individual to gather information about their activities.

Maybe your objective is to get a sense of how someone is spending their day? Perhaps you suspect your spouse isn’t being honest about his or her activities or whereabouts. Maybe you want to gain an understanding of your competitors are up to, or you need to keep watch on your child. Surveillance can come in handy for a number of reasons, and the investigators at Global Pursuit are experienced in all of them.

Our agency employs a wide range of operatives, including many with military and national-security backgrounds. Our team of professional performs their job with absolute professionalism and care so that the person shadowing would at no stage come to know that he is under surveillance.

Business Fraud

Global Pursuit / Clarke International  most recently broke open a national franchise fraud case based in Detroit, Michigan.

Frauds and Scams are widespread in the world. We offer a wide range of services, specializing in relationship investigation. If you suspect someone is cheating you, then contact us to help get the truth. The token private detective cost is minimal, however in the end may save you more than that as well.

Investigations frequently involve discreet inquiries in several venues involving targeted individuals at all levels of the company who are suspected of being involved or used to facilitate the unauthorized or misappropriation of funds or capital.

Fraud and larceny threaten corporate effectiveness and efficiency and must be eliminated in order to maintain a company’s competitive edge in the market place. Companies rely on us to analyze and interview employees to identify internal fraud. Enormous amounts of money may be saved by timely detection and correction of these problems.

internal Fraud, Theft and Embezzlement

Global Pursuit Investigations has brought down Ponzi schemes involving diamonds, identified fraudulent sheiks, prevented A-list celebrities from investing in phony investment deals, and kept major corporations from partnering with the wrong foreign parties.

Fingerprint & Handwriting Analysis

Global Pursuit / Clarke International  has long-standing relationships with recognized experts who use rigorous scientific analysis and examination techniques to establish the validity of handwriting contained in documents and to detect evidence of tampering or handling of documents and other items.

Our associates examine and identify signatures, hand printing, handwriting, initials, and numbers; compare papers, inks, printing, typewriting, computer-generated documents, facsimiles, photocopies, rubber stamps, etc.

Analysis of fingerprints is probably the most well known use of forensic science. Each fingertip has a pattern of fine skin ridges that are slightly different for every person,

Fingerprints can be detected on a vast range of different surfaces using a variety of techniques. The police keep a huge national database of prints taken from charged criminals. New prints are taken by a laser-scanning procedure, where the hand is placed on a flat glass plate, and its print is stored and compared to other prints electronically.

Wrongful Death & Homicide

Assets location

Although wrongful death is most often caused by medical negligence (doctor or hospital), it can also be the outcome of reckless behavior, reckless driving, dental malpractice, unsafe premises, sports-related, or product malfunction. Whatever the cause, the loss of a loved may have caused by another persons actions or failure to act, which can be held accountable in a court of law.

Homicide is a traditional offence that has been deemed punishable conduct since at least the 13th century. Like all investigations, homicide investigations require the gathering and analysing of large amounts of information, intelligence, leads, tips, witness statements, etc.

Global Pursuit headed by Logan Clarke has worked on wrongful death, homicides and suspicious suicides across the globe. One case was featured in Newsweek magazine.

Criminal and Civil Lawsuit Defense

Global Pursuit / Clarke International  has conducted criminal and civil defense for firms

Personal Protection Services

Be it a public figure, entertainer, corporate executive, or private individual in need of protection, Global Pursuit Investigations can supply highly skilled personnel in the realm of personal protection, both domestically and internationally. We can also provide you, your executives or key clients with a well-planned bodyguard protection scheme for execution during your local or international travel.

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