Global Pursuit / Clarke International has long-standing relationships with recognized experts who use rigorous scientific analysis and examination techniques to establish the validity of handwriting contained in documents and to detect evidence of tampering or handling of documents and other items.

Our associates examine and identify signatures, hand printing, handwriting, initials, and numbers; compare papers, inks, printing, typewriting, computer-generated documents, facsimiles, photocopies, rubber stamps, etc.

Analysis of fingerprints is probably the most well known use of forensic science. Each fingertip has a pattern of fine skin ridges that are slightly different for every person,

Fingerprints can be detected on a vast range of different surfaces using a variety of techniques. The police keep a huge national database of prints taken from charged criminals. New prints are taken by a laser-scanning procedure, where the hand is placed on a flat glass plate, and its print is stored and compared to other prints electronically.

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